When searching for a nearby tow truck company call us at (702) 840-4448. Towing Service Las Vegas We are a premier towing company and specialize in a variety of towing services in Las Vegas.


We have the most experience and most knowledgeable and professional servicemen to help out with any issue that you could be dealing with out on the road

A flat tire can happen at any time anywhere. Although most drivers are aware of this, many are not prepared to deal with a flat tire when it does occur.

If run out of gas and there is no near gas station just call us and we will bring you fuel to get you on the road going again in no time! Our fuel delivery service is very quick.

Locked out of your vehicle? You thought you had your keys in your hand when you got out of the car. Think again. Call us to get our expert help fast.

Whether your battery was knocked out by the winter chill or you accidentally left the lights on, our experts will get you jumped off quickly.

Nobody has to look at that hunk of junk any longer. We can come haul it off! Don’t let that old junk car sit there another day and ruin the curb appeal of your home.

 Flatbed truck is ideal for vehicles that may have significant damage due to crash accident and might not be easily dragged behind a wheel lift truck

When your RV breaks down we are here to help. Our professional and experienced technicians will tow your RV and assist you in any emergency situation.

You almost made it home from from a long enjoyable trip and then your fuel pump went out. We can safely transport your motorcycle without a scratch!

If you are looking for a local tow truck service in the Las Vegas area then look no further!

Towing Las Vegas provides the most comprehensive and affordable towing services around. Whether you need automotive roadside assistance for a minor issue, or you need heavy duty truck towing, our team is prepared to handle anything you need.

The local tow truck service that we provide will help you with whatever auto road service needs you may have. No matter what time you need it, our 24-hour auto towing services will be there quickly. Whether you are stuck with a flat in the middle of the night, or you need auto transport services to get you back on track, there is nowhere better to call than Las Vegas Towing!

Our services cover everything from flat tires to needing a quick car battery jump starter. The team here at Towing Service Las Vegas will get you back on the road quickly or get your car to the impound if that is what you need.
Give us a call so that we can get to you quickly and get you the cheap towing service you need!

Give us a call for great roadside assistance right now.

Low Cost Towing Services: At our company we have the lowest rates and the highest quality in the county. We have the best staff and the best equipment money could buy and that’s why we are at the top and can give you the great rates!

Why Choose Towing Service Las Vegas

With our tow truck service, our goal is always to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Out tow truck will arrive in no time to help you.


All our technicians have years of experience.


We offer the most competitive towing rate in Las Vegas

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All out tow trucks are in perfect condition.



When your car breaks down, contact Towing Service Las Vegas to tow your vehicle to a nearby garage or auto-repair shop. Our emergency tow truck service is available 24/7 and able to tow your vehicle out of the worst of situations. After an accident, you will feel secure knowing that the transportation of your vehicle is in the hands of the most knowledgeable and professional tow truck service people in the business.  Our tow trucks and drivers are able to transport your vehicle to any auto-repair shop or location you desire. We’ll be sure to take great care of your vehicle while it is in our hands because we know that relying on others to transport your vehicle can be one of the most stressful times in life, especially after an automobile accident.

man calling a tow company
woman asking for help while changing flat tire

Nothing can ruin a day faster than a flat tire. Even some newer vehicles don’t come with a spare. Don’t trust the kindness of strangers, call us first! If you happen to find yourself stuck on the side of the road due to an emergency flat tire, call us at (702) 840-4448. Our knowledgeable servicemen will assist you in getting back on the road as quickly as possible. If you have a small puncture in a tire, we can tow your vehicle to a nearby air pump and possibly plug your existing tire, saving you money and time getting replacement tires. In many cases, properly plugged tires can last just as long as new tires, so long as the repair is done correctly.

Out of gas?  Whether you have a faulty gas gauge, or you just couldn’t quite make it to the gas station, running out of fuel is frustrating (even this can happen to the best fuel efficient cars). Our roadside assistance team will arrive quickly and get you refueled and back on the road as soon as possible. Towing Service Las Vegas has very fast response time and our experienced tow truck drivers know the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas well to help you reach your destination without additional unnecessary delays. Call us and ask about quick and efficient fuel delivery service.

Man putting fuel into a car that run our of gas
Woman with locked keys inside her car

If you happen to lock yourself out of your vehicle, ​our professional technicians can help you out. Locking your keys in your car can be a frustrating experience. What’s more, some of the more common at-home methods of removing them can leave you with vehicle damage, often without producing the desired result. ​You may not think of it, but towing companies such as ours are the solution. Let us help you get into your vehicle safely and without causing further damage to your car. We can help unlock all makes and models of vehicles to allow you to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Dead battery: It happens to us all. You left your headlights on and now your batter is dead. Call us and we will bring you the boost you need! All of our tow trucks are equipped with heavy duty industrial jumper cables to quickly transfer electricity from our battery to yours.  We also help to diagnose the issue, so you know what the best solution is after we jump start your vehicle. If you have a dead car battery, contact us at (702) 840-4448 to have one of our premier servicemen help you get back on the road.

Man with broken car calling for emergency towing service in Las Vegas
Motorcycle towing in Las Vegas

As a motorcycle owner, there may be times when you require towing companies in Las Vegas even though your bike is running perfectly. For example, you may be planning to take your motorcycle on vacation with you, but plan to drive a larger vehicle in order to haul all your belongings. You might even be going to a bike show or motorcycle rally and would like your vehicle to be in tip-top condition when you get there. When you are in need of motorcycle towing, you are in good hands with our towing company.


If your car is outside of the ordinary, a classic, vintage, or an exotic, never fear, we’ll handle your baby with kid gloves. Our expertly trained team of drivers have hauled every type of vehicle under the sun. All of our trucks are equipped with gloves, towels, and paper floor mats, for that white glove treatment. We can transport across town, state or county, and deliver your vehicle at it’s destination in the same pristine condition that we picked it up. At Towing  Services Las Vegas we love cars just as much as you do, and we’ll take great care of yours as well.

Exotic car towing Las Vegas
red car towed on a flatbed towing truck

 Flatbed towing is ideal for not running vehicles or have notable damage cause by accident. However, you could also benefit even if your automobile is experiencing a minor issue such as a failed battery. ​With flatbed towing, the odds of your vehicle breaking loose while in transit is greatly reduced, which is something else you can take great comfort in. After all, the last thing you need is to experience more damage than you have already incurred by just getting your vehicle to the shop. Towing Las Vegas should provide you with peace of mind, and that’s what you’ll get with our reliable flatbed service. Should you ever find yourself in need of tow truck service, we would be honored to serve you.


Our fleet of high quality tow trucks are capable of winching any vehicle out of any predicament. Our high quality technical professionals have the knowledge and ability to properly winch all makes and models of vehicles from any angle.  We ensure our tow truck operators utilize proper tow hooks, latch hooks, tow straps, and chains rated for the appropriate use on every occasion. Life is a highway and nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road. We will come to you and get you back on your way in no time.

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Call us if you need emergency assistance.

What's Our Clients Say

Let real testimonials do the speaking! Pick the best and display them in this section.

The service offered by this company was terrific. They responded to my call immediately, and they were helpful and polite and educated, I felt I was in safe hands.. They promised me the technician would arrive promptly and also they provided me all the information I needed. The trucker was there in half the time they told me, he was friendly professional and got me back on the road within 15 minutes. I was able to pay them over the phone with my debit card. I definitely recommend this company if you are in an emergency situation and you need a battery jump start. I saved their number in my contact list. Next time I will call them again If I am in trouble. Thanks for all your help!
Towing Testimonial 1
Erica Smith
Somehow I lost my car keys, and the dealership wanted me to toll my car to their repair shop so they can make new keys. My G Wagon is very high, and the garage door is almost the same high. I called a few different tow companies, but none of them wanted to take the risk because the situation was too tricky. I am so glad I found out about Las Vegas Towing Service. Alex came quickly, and he did an outstanding job. He was able to do the job the previous 3 tow companies weren't able to do. The other companies told me that the task could not be done without breaking the transmission of my GWagon, but Alex did it without breaking anything. He really has a solid experience behind his back. I appreciate his work. If you are on the road and you need a towing company, stop looking and call Alex. You won't regret it!
Towing Testimonial 3
Dan Dostolder
Las Vegas Towing Service is a family-owned business and handles each client like they are part of the family! Called for a jump start and literally 15 minutes later they come to the rescue! The service and the driver are very friendly and trustworthy. I have used their help several times, and I have never been dissatisfied! This company will always be my choice! I trust the people and know that I will always get excellent and fast service when I call. Thank you !!!
Towing Testimonial 2
Mike Sanchez
This Company saved my life few days ago after a terrible experience with AAA left feeling helpless. I was involved in an unfortunate crash. The night of the accident, AAA wanted to tow my car to a lot that charges $150/day for storage. They didn't want to tow my car to my house. The tow driver told me that he could only tow my car to their parking lot (where I had to pay this crazy amount $ per day). I decided to search for another towing company. I am so glad I did it and found Las Vegas Towing Service and I called them right away. After that I quickly explained my situation over the phone and they sent a tow truck which arrived in less than 20 minutes. The driver didn't waste any time and removed my car from the street and got it in front of my house in no time. He was really fast, and I can tell he seems to have a lot of experience. They charged me a very reasonable price for their service. In conclusion I am really happy with the service I received, and I am really disappointed with AAA.
Victoria Rodriguez

Give us a call for great roadside assistance right now.


Not many people give much thought about the towing company they use and in fact–we’ll admit that we are the last people anyone wants to think about but the first people they want to see when they’re in trouble! There is a vast difference between a guy with a tow truck which is great for a town of no more than 5,000 people. This is Las Vegas  which is a lot bigger than that by far and you need a towing company with a fleet and that’s who we are. In addition there are four main reasons to call us first and keep our card in your glove box and wallet. We have the equipment and expertise in every type of vehicle towing and recovery. From your small Honda to your RV we have it all. If you are needing lock out service Las Vegas, NV – we are ready to help. Here we will take you through those reasons and we guarantee you’ll be calling us or having your friends call the next time life throws them a curve ball.

This is the reason that trumps them all. And why? Because there is something about people that have the type of experience that evokes a sense of trust. When you have a company that has nothing but drivers from other companies you don’t get to develop relationships with your community the way Towing Service Las Vegas has. You get people dispatched that can only do a limited service depending on what their company is equipped to do. When you call us -you get a fleet and a team. The team belong to one company and they are trained for every situation. They have the same dispatchers and the same customer service so you are only dealing with them. 

Variety of Services.
Most towing companies don’t have the equipment or expertise that our towing company has. We pride ourselves on the variety of services that we offer in Las Vegas. There is even a science as to what type of services we offer. We know our city–we’ve been in business that long. We know what the demographic is. For example, there is a lot of tourists that rent RV’s that break down because they are a used model and well, lots of drivers mean lots of wear and tear, a ton of single mothers traveling to schools and work that lock their keys in the car in a rush to be a super woman! Or a car that doesn’t start that strands someone in a bad neighborhood and there are quite a few of those in North Las Vegas.

We know exactly who we need to have on board and what we have to have as far as equipment is concerned. We have a lot of people who love to take our scenic routs by motorcycle and well, they breakdown on a desert or mountain highway–you need a tow company that knows the terrain like the back of their hand. That we can do! Flat tires happen the most as well as people running out of fuel. If you search for flat tires Las Vegas – that is where our main office is located. We are always prepared to get you on your way as swiftly as possible.  You have to know your clients and what they need to succeed and this we do with precision.

One thing you don’t skimp on is your equipment. We have state of the art hydraulic lifts, flatbeds as well as computer diagnostic systems to ensure testing accuracy of tire pressure or battery life. You can trust in what we’ve invested in. In other words our investment in our equipment is an investment in you, our customer.

Our Staff.
From the driver technicians to the customer service department and dispatch you are sure to have a pleasant and seamless experience from your first call to your fifth call–from the customer service to the dispatch to the driver when they arrive. You will be convinces as we are that Towing Service Las Vegas is a unique service way beyond the scope of a guy and a tow truck. We know what it takes to serve the county with roadside assistance.

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Low Cost Towing Services

It's affordable! We deliver the best service at the right price. Don't ever get ripped off by another tow company again.

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24 Hours Emergency Towing

We take your situation very seriously. A tow truck with experienced technician will be there at your service!

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Top Quality Towing Trucks

Towing Service Las Vegas is the real deal when it comes to tow trucks. Our equipment is new and it is top notch!

We Offer service!

Our 24/7 towing services are available to you whenever you are in need of assistance. We have a 24 hour roadside assistance team willing and able to help you with any of your emergency roadside needs. Whether you need to remove an illegally parked vehicle, tow a vehicle to a nearby garage for repairs, need help jump-starting a dead battery or refueling an empty gas tank, our tow truck service is always available throughout Las Vegas area. We have top of the line equipment, high quality professional customer service, and our tow truck specialists are extremely knowledgeable. There is no towing problem too big or too small for our operation. We can help with heavy duty towing or light duty towing. In addition we provide the best customer service of all the towing companies throughout Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. When looking for tow truck service near me, be sure to contact Towing Service Las Vegas.

Now that you know a little more about us it would be a good idea to add us into your phone contacts  (702) 840-4448 right away so you will never be without assistance in an emergency! You never know when you might be somewhere without internet and need to look up our contact information for emergency roadside assistance services. We want to be there when it matters the most!

Give us a call for great roadside assistance right now.

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